How to activate a Pinned?
1. Use video as a guide to help you activate your Pinned when you receive it. 

What is Switch mode?

 1. Pinned unlocks a switch between Social and Business profiles instantly. Select your social profile to share your social links or switch over to your business profile to share business information and new links. 

2. Social mode version and links are completely free to use. 
What does Business mode do?
1. Switch to business mode unlocks several new links and is an in-app purchase 0.99 USD / 0.83 EUR a month. 
2.  Business mode version including new pro links like Amazon, Fiverr, Transferwise and new links like OnlyFans, Viber, VK. All about links read here.
Not working on APPLE

1. Make sure their phone works with Pinned Compatible Devices. 

2. Make sure to touch your Pinned to the very top of the back of their phone.
3. Pinned CANNOT be read when: their phone is in airplane mode, 
their device flashlight is on, their camera is open, their phone screen is off.
Not working on ANDROID
1. Turn on NFC capabilities in their phone settings.
2. Make sure their phone works with Pinned Compatible Devices. 
3. Make sure to touch your Pinned to the very center of the back of their phone. For Androids, the best spot for reading a Pinned is in the center of the back of the device.
 What is Pinned?
1. Pinned is an app and phone accessory placed on the back of your phone that lets you instantly share your social media, business info, payment platforms and other links just by tapping your phone to a compatible smartphone.
2. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Pinned allows sharing of your entire profile, business profile and direct links like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, contact card or any other link.
3. The other person doesn't need an app or a Pinned to receive your info.
4. You have full control over your profile so you can choose what you'd like to share, and you can modify it at any time!
5. The possibilities for Pinned are limitless. Whether you are a entrepreneur, business owner, influencer, artist, content creator, photographer, athlete or model, Pinned can help improve your networking.
Can I order custom Pinned with my logo or business logo?
1. Yes! Email us at support@pinned.eu 
Its protected somehow from unwanted or accidental pins? 
1. You have full control over your profile so you can choose to unlink your pin when you don't want to show your activities and link back when your ready to start sharing. No accidental or unwanted pins. Completely protected.
Where do I place my Pinned?
1. For Apple, iPhones place your Pinned on the bottom of your phone. If you place it at the top, it will set off your phone's reader constantly!
2. For Android phones place your Pinned on the bottom of your phone!
3. For Galaxies/Notes place your Pinned at the top of your phone by your camera!
Does a Pinned have to be placed on my phone?
1. Pinned can be placed anywhere you want. You can put in your office, on your laptop, on a restaurant table, in a hotel room, in your store. The possibilities are endless! 
How do I manage my links?
1. Log into the account you want to activate your Pinned with and tap "Activate Pinned"!

2. Your Pinned will be activated with the current profile you are logged in with.

3. Choose between a social or business modes. Then tap "My Profile"! Tap "Edit" and read the manual "How to get username?"

4. Check manual link management here.

How long will it take to receive my Pinned ?

1. We ship out of Riga, Latvia. When making a purchase in our online store or app you may choose one of the following delivery methods for Latvia and Worldwide. Latvia: Delivery of goods to Omniva self-service terminals  2 - 5 business days after order confirmation. Worldwide: Shipping time outside of the Latvia is typically 7-21 business days. 

2. All orders come with tracking! Please contact us at office@pinned.eu if you haven't received your order. 
3. Here is our refund policy and delivery terms. We currently do not accept returns.

Pinned payment options.

1. You can pay for your orders safely with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), with PayPal, with Internet bank (Swedbank, Citadele, Luminor, SEB) or Apple Pay.

2. The payment is carried out outside the online store of Pinned.eu in a secure paying environment of service provider PaySera and Sripe. The online store of Pinned.eu has no access to the customer’s bank and credit card data.